Recovered Patients view on Plasma Donation

Coronavirus affects the respiratory system of people. People who are suffering from mild symptoms can recover from home quarantine without any special treatment. Whereas people suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, cancer, and other diseases are prone to develop serious illnesses.

COVID disease is easy to spread when someone sneezes or coughs. So it is recommended to wash hands frequently with soap or an alcohol-based rub. When someone has a cold or cough, it is advised to cough into their flexed elbow. If someone is infected with the virus, they need to monitor their symptoms and self-isolate from others for 14 to 21 days. If the fever, cold, or tiredness persists after taking self-care, one must see a doctor. It's always good to drink hot water, gargle your throat, take steam and eat healthy foods, mostly fruits.

Vizag Volunteers organization has seen many people suffering and losing the lives of their family members and friends. Mr. Jagadeesh, a volunteer from the Vizag Volunteers team, took up helping people who wanted Plasma. He has helped many patients recover today who are very grateful for his timely help. Let us see how patients felt about Vizag Volunteer's services and what they had to say.

 COVID Patients who needed plasma services and their experience:

Patient Name: Mr.Sri Ramulu, 65 years of age, got admitted to the hospital due to COVID-19. He was suffering seriously from the virus, and the doctor suggested their family members arrange for Plasma that could save his life. Not knowing how to approach Plasma, they consulted AS Raja blood bank, who asked them to request the Vizag Volunteers group. Mr.Jagadeesh, who is in charge of Vizag Volunteers for Plasma, contacted them and arranged the required blood in time that could save his life.

The patient's daughter was pleased with the timely help and said that Vizag Volunteers had given a second life to her father, who had very little chance of survival. Once the donated Plasma, he got recovered within a week and was discharged. The patient's daughter has seen many of their relatives losing life due to this virus, but Vizag Volunteers has saved her father and given new hope to their family. They are indebted to Vizag Volunteers, and words are not enough to thank them. 

Patient Name: Balaram Krishna, 60 years old, was affected by COVID-19 in September and was admitted to the hospital. He was in critical condition from the time he was admitted and needed Plasma to survive. The patient's blood group was A+, a rare group to get in time, till three days they didn't get help but on the 4th day Mr. Satish. K, the founder of Vizag Volunteers, helped them by arranging the blood. The patient's relatives and close ones lost hopes, but with Vizag Volunteers' help, they were able to restore that faith. 

The patient's close relatives were very thankful for the response they received from us, and they all felt the real experience of helping people in need. They have seen many people losing lives in front of them while the patient was admitted and just prayed to God for a miracle to happen to help them. They had no words to express their happiness today, as the same person who was critical once could recover and join back his work.

Patient Name: S.Ramachandra Rao, 58 years old, was admitted to Pradhama hospital for testing COVID positive. He was in critical condition for four days where his COVID range was 21/25. Doctors suggested arranging for a Plasma transfusion, which could save his life. The patient's friend Mr.Suresh had no idea how to get Plasma and contacted his daughter to search on the internet for blood banks to help them. They reached every blood bank, but none could help them in such a short time, and they lost all hopes. While browsing on the internet again for plasma donors in Vizag, they read about Vizag Volunteers and their services during COVID and immediately contacted. Mr.Jagadeesh, who was in charge of Plasma from the Vizag Volunteers team, responded and made the necessary arrangements. They gave Plasma to the patient, but they required two more units as his situation was critical. Mr. Jagadeesh helped them out again in no time and arranged for Plasma, and saved the patient's life. Everyone was happy with the excellent response and services provided by Vizag Volunteers.

Patient Name: Sanyasi Reddy, 74 years old, was admitted with a critical COVID condition where the chances of survival were very less. The COVID points were 21/25, and the doctor suggested Plasma transfusion immediately. Mr.Sanyasi Reddy's son, Mr. Nageswara Reddy, is a blood volunteer, ex-serviceman, and present bank employee who has donated blood many times. When the time to help his father came, he couldn't get help from anywhere. He posted his father's details in the Vizag Volunteers group for the Plasma requirement and got help from Mr. Jagadeesh in no time. Once they gave Plasma to the patient, he recovered soon and was discharged within a week.

Everyone from the family was indebted to Vizag Volunteers for the timely help they did as they had seen so many deaths in front of their eyes and lost all hopes for their father. They were happy to see their family is together again and healthier. All thanks to Vizag Volunteers for such a great team and being a helping hand to others.

Patient Name: Margana Lakshmi was admitted to the hospital due to COVID in September. She was in a very critical situation, and she needed Plasma to survive. Doctors told her son to make Plasma arrangements as soon as possible as the patient's pulse decreased, and there is very little hope for her survival. The patient's son was tense as it was the first time he heard about Plasma and didn't know whom to ask. He told his friends and asked them for help. One of his friends suggested the Vizag Volunteers group and also posted the patient's details. Mr. Jagadeesh, who was in charge of Plasma donation, called them back immediately and gave them hope to arrange Plasma as soon as possible.

The patient received Plasma within half an hour and was saved. The Plasma helped the doctors see many chances for her recovery as she responded well for the first plasma unit. Within a week, she was all excellent and discharged from the hospital. The son and other relatives thanked Vizag Volunteers for the timely help and requested not to stop this service as this is the kind of support that people need at this time. The patient is perfectly alright now and can do all the housework without any health issues.

Patient Name: Rambabu, who is 60 years old, was having symptoms of COVID and was taken for a test. He was tested positive for the COVID virus and admitted to the hospital. Doctors informed that the patient's lungs were fully infected and asked them to arrange for a Plasma donor. They had no clue how to get the Plasma, but luckily one of his friends forwarded the patient's details to the Vizag Volunteers Whatsapp group. Mr. Vivek responded first to take the patient's details, and later Mr. Jagadeesh arranged the Plasma within 20 minutes. It was a miracle as no one gets Plasma so soon in this COVID situation, but Mr. Jagadeesh was able to help them. First, he gave only one unit, and the patient responded well for two days, but later, he needed one more unit of Plasma. The Vizag Volunteers have arranged for another unit of Plasma and were able to save his life.

The patient recovered very well and is now able to take care of his business. The patient's relatives and family members were in tears and thanked Vizag volunteers for helping in such an emergency. They said words are not enough to thank Vizag Volunteers for the great help they are doing for the people of Vizag.

Patient Name: Ammaji was a patient from Tuni, a nearby village to Visakhapatnam. She suffered from COVID symptoms and went through a checkup where she was tested positive. They brought her to Vizag as the medical doctors here were good, and they can get more help than in the village. She was fragile and lost her pulse, making it difficult for her to breathe. Doctors asked her son Mr. Shiva Raj to arrange for Plasma that could save her life. Mr. Shiva Raj is from Tuni and knew very little about Vizag blood banks to get help. He contacted his friend, an SI, working at the airport, who suggested he put the details in the Vizag Volunteers group.

Then uploaded patients details in the group, and Mr. Jagadeesh responded to it by helping them in a day. The patient started to recover once the Plasma was given to her and got discharged soon. Now she is perfectly alright doing her work and leading a happy life. All the family members were out of words to express their gratitude and thanked Vizag Volunteers from the bottom of their hearts.

We are very thankful to all the people mentioned above for their love and support for our organization. Vizag volunteers will always try their best to help as many people as possible in donating Plasma and other services. Services like providing medical kits, Protection kits, donating blood, Helpline services for any questions to be answered, doctors help, and many more. The feedback from the patients brings in a positive vibe to move forward and achieve many goals. Our organization is very grateful to Mr. Jagadeesh, who has done a great job helping the people within a day by providing the required amount of Plasma. It is not that easy to arrange for a plasma donor; one needs excellent communication and a network to work on it. He has made sure that he could help each person who asked for his help and was always there day and night to support them. Vizag Volunteers is a team that is built for society and works for society. Do look into our website for more information.