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A Non-Profit Organization dedicated to using technology to efficiently mobilize resources for the betterment of Vizag.



We conduct blood donation camps and fulfill blood requests with high priority.


Doctor Consultation

Our team of expert doctors and doctors will be available to help all your needs.



Our priority is to save as many lives as possible. Hence, we fulfil plasma requests on high priority basis.



We provide medical grade oxygen concentrators and cylinders for free to use basis to patients in need.



Digi Blood

Blood requirements come across to us every day. Blood units in full blood, Plasma or Platelets


I love Vizag Beach

The beach is near Jodugullapalem and provides an exquisite view of the Vizag seashore.


Who We Are

Vizag Volunteers Association is a registered Non-Profit Organisation under the Andhra Pradesh Society Act, 2001, bearing register No 101/2021. Vizag Volunteers was founded by Mr. Karnatakapu Satish on 27 March 2020, 2 days after the nationwide lockdown came into force – envisioned through a stirring compassionate purpose to help the poor and needy affected during the period. The organization started very humbly with his corporate circle friends and NGOs coming together on a WhatsApp group. After that, time witnessed many organizations with a similar cause join hands and serve under the banner of Vizag Volunteers. Mr. Chandan Achary, the co-founder, shouldered managing the various organization's projects on the digital platform.


Projects Initiated




Smiles Created


Man Hours Spent


Donations Received


Total Project Cost

Mission To Make A Smile

A Mixture of Citizens

We have service-oriented volunteers, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers and companies in collaboration. We aim to walk hand in hand all through.

Tactical Approach

We believe in solving the root cause of the problems and eradicate the problems. Therefore, we develop a tactical and systematic approach to achieve it.


We keep every penny accountable and try to utilize the last rupee also for the needy. We know how hard it is to earn money, and we respect that and add more value to your donations.

Integrity and highly motivated

We have highly motivated volunteers, and we don’t keep any age bar for volunteering. In addition, our volunteers carry our organizational integrity and maintain a high degree of standards.

Open and honest communication

Honesty is important in any collaborations and participation, and we maintain it high. We also improve ourselves with lessons from previous projects and different versions of planning.

Technology Adaption

We believe in solving problems by adapting technology to every project. It’s our secret of operations.


Join Hands with us

Collaboration plays a key role to excellence - by bringing people and organizations together to work with better competence and ensuring efficient realization of goals in stipulated time. With changing technology over time, we are creating a platform wherein the individuals, corporates, NGOs and Government work in collaboration to identify the right needs of the city at the right time and work for setting up an efficient ecosystem with better living standards.

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TestimonialsWhat People Says About Us

Dear friends

                 Believe me from the bottom of my heart i am saying the services which Vizag Volunteers did in the pandemic situation. I can't write if anyone needs perfect details they can contact me . Simply one word I can say to all the people who did service in the pandemic I Salute each n everyone.  πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™                                               

Ravee Kiran Tripurana

I'm glad to be the part of Vizag Volunteers, I have done some social work with ur help, that's nice we have done this amazing work where even government people can't move over there we have gone with all the precautions and helped every one maximum. Thank you volunteers (VIZAG)  this has been superb people at one place.  All were at one message distance to help people.

Mohammed Niyazuddin Baba

What Vizag Volunteers did during the crisis is nothing short of a miracle. Common people getting together in the hour of crisis and owning the responsibility of the fellow citizens proves that the people of Vizag rises to the occassion with an extraordinary effort.

Hari Madala

Really helpful for the needs, also make awareness to share the requirements which was posted.

Ch N S Meghana

One of the Most Daring and Professional Work Done by each and every Soldier of Vizag Volunteers Group Members. You guys are no less than Soldiers n Leaders. Thank you for your Service at need of Hour and Thank u Satish sir for the Formation of the Wonderful Army β™‘

Sampath Narayana Pilla

Hatsoff to all volunteers since from last year onwards they are protecting all people in covid time and my feedback is Excellent

Padala Hari Sai Prasad

MANY helped the NEEDY , but ONLY VIZAG VOLUNTEERS helped the one's in REAL NEED in the PANDEMIC in as many ways as possible , we even helped VARIOUS GOVT SERVANTS in many ways


All have done a great job....... Distribution of foods to the poor and needy and to the daily labour workers who are walking kilometres far....... and giving the medicinated tea on the roads like gajuwaka,yendada zoo park etc..,

And many people got their lives back ny getting their blood group blood by giving the information in group

At the time of gopalapatnam gas leakage also the team done a great job.....hats off..

This group need to be awarded

Thanking you regards

Suru Vinay

Vizag volunteers have done an amazing service to the people of vizag and to people of India.
They have worked day and night during the severe pandemic situation and given life to many people and they have donated or distributed many household items and all.
I request you to please continue doing this volunteer services and all.
If you want I will join in this vizag volunteers and I will support and do serve.

T Abhinav Krishna Varma

You people have done a heroic job in this pandemic by feeding migrant workers as well as homeless people. Your work truly deserves everyone's appreciation and support. Wishing you all the best for the future missions. You are real heroes!!

Vamsi Thenakani

I can give 200% out of 100. I m proud as a part of vizag Volunteer Team.

Akash Patro

Vizag Volunteers did a splendid job in helping the needy through food and basic needs whenever and wherever needed in vizag, especially to the migrants, vizag volunteers helped them a lot. Many people got inspired and joined in the group too to help from their end. Keep up the good work Vizag Volunteers Team.


Im following every service what you are doing for needy people. Its a great initiation.Keep it up.

Sravani Namala

I have seen Vizag Volunteers from the day, they started. It was not an easy ride for them. They started during a time, when Covid was at the peak and there was so much of uncertainty and fear among the people. But, nothing could stop these volunteers, who just had an intention of helping the public. As and when there was a need, these young volunteers went on to cater to the public's needs. That was such a relief to many. Be it the dry groceries, the medicines, the medical help to the patients, plasma, doctor's advice wherever necessary, reaching covid patients to hospitals. Anyone needed help, these volunteers were ready and they were at the spot. The best part was, they were at service 24/7. Hats off to each one of them.

Sheetal Madan

Satish sir is d best person ever met his service n dedication r reallt worth appreciating.

G Indira lakshmi

Always Proud to be a part of a team ... I have cherished all the moments which i have spent with the team...these are always memorable looking forward to work in all the possible ways to serve the people.
Always by the people for the people
Team vizag volunteers
Thank You 😊


This is very very good Volunteer group. Who wants to helping other through social media is a very innovative in this PANDEMIC situations.
Especially vizag is mixed culture and Beautiful vast City.
We vizag people's are faced in this PANDEMIC situation LG POLIMARS blast in one of sad and challenging task to people's to take safe place.
At that time Vizag Volunteers unbelievable and humanity services Did.
Now situation again back to bounce COVID19. But Vizag Volunteers are do services breathless.
In COVID19 or Gas Blasts Vizag Volunteers are continuing their services in Hospital Services, Plasma, Immunity Food supply and awareness and Mainly faceless services is a Big Big humanity services.
As my part I did a micro level help.
Thank you so much for your support.


Vizag volunteers Deed unforgettable help to the people who are in need at the time of first and second covid they didn't see any religion, caste or state simply they saw human being or not .they gave food ,water ,money ,transport what not in every way they helped the people.

Jagiripu srk paramahamsa

Like it acted like a a SPOC whenever visakhapatnam is in need of help.
It not only left with visakhapatnam but also extended to Hyderabad and so on..

Ravi Gorli


Jyothi Rani Mahapatro

I do heartfully appreciate the voluntary services being rendered to the needy and distressed people during this pandemic Corona period. I feel proud to be a part of the association for a brief period. I wish you continue the services to the needy as you do always and I hope I could do my best now and then... I wish the team all the best.... Regards Pushyami


I can vouch that these amazing ppl from VV team have provided great service to vizag ppl for last one year... They have made a process for every thing right from helping needy ppl with food, supplies etc... and their work during LG Polymeres gas leak is amazing, even till date they are main contact point for any emergencirs like hospital treatment, finding dodnor for plasma/blood donation etc...One important thing is serving the migrant labour ,day and night they ensured supplies are provided to the needy people for months .Kudos team.

Sri Ranganath Tottadi

When many people struggling with Venkatapuram gas leakage I found a social responsibility team identified without expecting no one help and form a collaborative volunteer group from people of Vizag. It's very happy while observing in activities through whatsapp and updates are very satisfactory. After incident of gas leaking immediately Carona pandemic situation number of people trying to reach their destination by walk our volunteers team support for their smooth journey. It's also remarkable.


Vizag Volunteers is few of the rare NGOs who are focused on doing good to the society than looking after their personal growth with the contributions. Based on my experience, we can trust them 100% as they keep us posted on the activities which are doing to our city and make us feel the amount which we have donated is utilised to the right cause. Be it be during wave 1 lockdown, wave 2 pandemic, frequent beach clean ups at Kalam point, blood donation camps, distribution of Household items so on and so forth, they have a clear agenda and volunteers with the same mindset to ensure things go smooth without any hiccups.

Praveen Telu

Saw the smiles on the face of many children, you people were the torch bearers in the heart's of many covid attacked family members made sure many people slept with filled tummy... I owe and bow to the whole team behind the success.

D Mohini Priya Darshini

Very good experience with Vizag Volunteers

Kancharla Satyanarayana Murty

Service to mankind is more than service to God. And Vizag volunteers had done exceptionally great in terms of serving the needy during the covid phase which is really commendable. I feel extremely proud to be associated with such a wonderful volunteer group which works for the good cause of our Vizag City.


Hie team

I have been working as a volunteer since from last 3 years in various associations or organisations but working with VV is a commitment and very well organised layout where we can purely help needy

In pandemic time VV given me safety guidelines and safety gear I used them in all situations

While people are in need of OXYGEN VV provided oxygen kit to me to serve my locality in emergency
I never taught that one team can do anything for public that’s our VV TEAM



I have been working as student intern with VV for the one month and it has been a great journey. During this one month I have learned about life, humanity and how VV is dedicated towards such social causes. Their dedication towards upliftment of the needy in the society is unbelievable.
All the Programs that are run by VV are closely monitored and it is not only serving people of vizag but also entire state of Andhra Pradesh.
VV will always be special to me and am proud to be part of such NGO.

A isita

Vizag Volunteers are the one stop social service organization. Any sort of social requirment one can be rest assured that you will get the best solution, response or guidance. I was a personal beneficiary of this organization at the time of carona peaks and when I was away from vizag, I could get the support I dearly needed and also did it with a sense of dignity and pride. The main aspect of Vizag Volunteers is that there is a lot thought and due diligence done to find the gap in the social structure or emergency and then the action is initiated, not just reaction but an apt response is given with lots of responsibility, be it the Covid or Styrene Gas or Migrants issues they were there and right at the fore front and service as a Motto they won many hearts of Vizagites. One need not hesitate to assume that Vizag Volunteers are the backbone of all the service based organizations in Vizag. I am very proud of being associated and also being a beneficiary of this organization.

Jai Prathap C

Vizag Volunteers has been doing yeoman services during the Pandemic situation. They are the only volunteer organization who started serving food to Covid patients which inspired many organisations to do the same. All verified information was circulated in the group. Immediate help for patients were catered. Hats off to Vizag Volunteers group. We Vizagites salute you.

B Saranya

It's a grate pleasure to be part of vizag volunteers team it have make a motivation to take part. In my corporate life I was leed for CSR innatatives. That's make me more lntresting to associate. Let' us all strive or drive to reach our mission and objective. God bless all to our wonderful journey.

Abdul M Raqshan

Great service with new plan.


I've been observing VV for the past two years. The lives VV had touched during the frightening second wave, the change that VV strives to bring in the lives of vizagites through its weekly activities and engagements, the art of being there always for the needy are just phenomenal. Hope to witness many more in the coming years! Good Luck Team VV!

Venkateswara Rao Kayitha

I felt I learnt a lot about the realities of working on the ground in covid situation, as well as what development really is at Grassroots, and what it actually means to people in their everyday lives. It also gave me a spark feel And I am seeing myself entering in as volunteer in your group.

Ronak patnaik

My name is swathi. first of all I'm very glad to be a member of Vizag Volunteers NGO. From past two years I have participated in telecallings for plasma donation during covid-19 pandemic situation. It is very helpful to me to overcome my fear to interact with strangers. Also I have seen more services done by Vizag Volunteers like cloth donation in vanajangi area, blood donation campaigns etc...I'm so proud to be a member of Vizag Volunteers. Thanks to Sudharshan sir, Satish sir and Jagadish sir for immediate response when I need a help. Also who are working for Vizag Volunteers, you guys are doing great job.

Swathi Varma Dandu

When I visited the Vizag volunteers office for an oxygen concentrator, what I witnessed was respect for every individual, irrespective of who they are, and their spontaneous response towards solving the individual's needs. Vizag volunteers have a hidden beauty in their activities. Most importantly, it brings people together and teaches them about the positive impact they can have on society by working together.


Being a believer of " Surround yourself with people who want to help you and grow", Vizag Volunteers made me feel like a family, which always encouraged me to grow and succeed. During my time with them, I enjoyed all my experiences and memories. They taught me how to grab opportunities, how to convert my dreams to reality, how to give out more and expect less. They helped me change my perspective about the world and  people around, they taught me the right way of looking at problems and resolving them.
Even if it was for a short run, it felt like the right place to be at. I am really happy to be a part of this organization. Every bit if social work I got involved in, has taught me something new. I am grateful that I had an opportunity like this where I could do what I want to with like minded people. Their exceptional team work, smartwork, consistency and innovation has left me in awe. I love and respect the organization and their work from the bottom of my heart and am really thankful for everything they taught me.!

Polaki Jahanavi

Hi All,
I am really happy about vizag volunteers help Jagadish and Manish helped me most through their guidance and blood needed and plasma donor. They did their best and I never forgotten. Instant response I seen from Vizag Volunteers. Glad tiding to me regarding vizag volunteers kindness, humility and great heart in them.Thank you so much for your incredible help in tough moments.


Rajendra Padamata

I have been associated with Vizag Volunteers since 2 years. To me the team has relentlessly worked for the needy during Covid 19. They have left no stone unturned in collecting and providing information on beds, oxygen, medicines or plasma during the tough times, many people who got their help have survived. The team has also reached out to poor people including kids for supplying food items. Their work on clothes distribution in the hills & tribal areas is commendable. The team is doing a thankless job on every Sunday to keep our beaches clean. While many of us including me were trying to find out a reliable group who can help the needy, this is the group who we can bank upon. Kudos to the entire team πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.

Mandavilli Vijay Kumar

With your support we helped more than 150 families in COVID pandemic time. It's really grateful...

Hari narayana rao (Toss ngo)

It was always a Great feeling to be associated with Vizag Volunteers. Either it is humanitarian support during covid, bringing blood donors together, beach cleaning, helping needy, tribal welfare or bringing out power and energy of youth or whatever surprise requirement or attending distress call.
To simply say we are everywhere to serve at any time.


Appreciate the work and affort taken by the volunteers.
Great service to humanity

Sirish Aryasomayajula

Make sure no doubt that they are given new hope for life in a pandemic time.

Nalla Narayana Rao

Thank you for giving me opportunity to serve more people
I started my journey as volunteer but didn't witnessed any NGO with this much of transparency and SOPs

Iam Glad to be a VIZAG VOLUNTEER
AND Proud to being associated with it

Thank you Team VV

Abdul Hakimbaig

It’s been very great full of vizag volunteers, they stood up for my family when I really looked very helpless situation as my husband was effected by severe Covid and we are just in hospital for oxygen support. I got contact of Avinash-Satish-Praveen and many through my friend and who came and help me very, it would be very difficult for my family to come over it without this group. Moreover all the mentors should be applauded and it’s not enough for them, they’re extending their service apart from their daily routine activities!! Simply I salute each and every member of this group!! Thank you so much from my bottom of my heart

Sharanya Naresh

VV Team is one of the Versatile Teams. I witnessed the services by guiding many people with the info shared in VV Group. The dedication of the team in proving blood for the needy is indescribable.

Anil Kumar Karanam

I got in touch with Mr. Praveen in April 21 down with covid. He is like a God to me and my family. The way he managed my condition on calls and WhatsApp, with minimum medications, encourement, follow ups regularly was something beyond imagination. It was his efforts that prevented me from hospitalisation.And all this without charging a penny. If humanity is still alive Mr. Praveen and the volunteer group is the perfect example. I have never met him yet, but has left a lasting impression. Wish could do something to support the group. God bless

Soikat Ghosh Moulic

Vizag volunteers team is very close to my heart. During 1st wave, they helped us morally and medical support. They sent medicines, health supplements, masks, face shield and fruits. From the day my father got admitted in hospital and until he discharged, they have taken proper care by helping us get best treatment on time. I and my family members will never forget the support we received from them. We are always grateful for the team for their quick response and immediate action during emergency. Now, vizag volunteers team is like a family to us. We are still in contact with Praveen ( vizag volunteer) who is available 24*7 to our emergency requests. Thank you so much Satish sir for showing us the way. May god bless you team. This is one of the volunteer teams which works genuinely for the welfare of the society.

Navya Jyothy Makala

VV has been a committed organization that works and delivers with consistency . Its volunteers have vivid views of how to contribute and help members of the society in meaningful little ways ...They are a perfect example of 'Drop by Drop makes an Ocean'

Vengamamaba Srinivas

This is Pinkey here......Last year in the month of April during 2nd wave of pendamic I face the experience of COVID19 at my home when my father detected COVID19 that time I came in contact with Vizag volunter who is already known to me ......Mrs.Mansi Thamma she guides me in every condition during the complete duration of COVID ....I followed every instructions given by her.....without any time bar she was available for me a result my Father recovered in very short period of time......lastly I give me full of gratitude towards Vizag and to their volunteers.....Thank a lot πŸ™

Pinkey Bhuriya

Vizag Volunteers are really great source of inspiration and they did wonderful humanitarian work during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing health facilities and blood donations. Salute to Vizag Volunteers!


I am 56 years old. I am from Raipur Chhattisgarh. Vizag volunteers are the best group. Selfless service and Big help during covid times. We had received 24 hrs online support.


Excellent service by the Vizag volunteers group in helping the society through their large network of selfless volunteers. Not just in Vizag, but they were able to help the needy in other cities as well. Kudos to their dedication and commitment.

Balaji Korada

I’m so impressed with this group.I have been watching your activities people are tremendous with your work.
Great work in pandemic 😷 from last two Covid 😷 variants
Like Blood camps
Social activities in tribal areas
Beach clean up activities.
Keep doing your work


Vizag Volunteers is one Organisation, who have their volunteers working round the clock. I personally know many volunteers and each one is committed to what their Organisation's mission and vision. I myself have seen them working during Covid and post Covid. Their dedication towards the people in need has not ended. I also admire them for their commitment towards Environment. I appreciate the leadership - Satish, under whose guidance this Organisation runs. Hats off to him and the volunteers. I pray, that they are blessed with the energy to continue with their good work, for years to come.

Dr Sheetal Madan

These people are really doing a amazing job. They are helping many people regarding health, social issues and helped during COVID -19 and LG polymers issue and saved many lives and still

T Abhinav Krishna Varma

I have been a part of various NGO teams but the way Vizag Volunteers is working in an awe-inspiring way without any barrier between the founders and volunteers..and thats rare ...I am very much honoured to be a part of this team in precise

Sindri Sampath Kumar

Dear friends

First of all my Sashtanga namaskarms to all Vizag VolunteersπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ». How much I say about you people it's not sufficient believe me from my bottom of heart iam saying the services which you all are doing to our great nation is fabulous. Do you know one thing Respected volunteers because of you people so many families are happy . So many many people are alive. keep going hats off to Founder Mr. Satish sir.
Always my support for you. Serve the real needy, Serve the great nation. Once again I Personally salute each and everyone who are part of extraordinary services .

Wishing you all the very best for your future endeavors

Ravee Kiran Tripurana

I came to know about VV in COVID second wave. It was the period where my status are filling with plasma requests, oxygen concentrators requests, and hospital bed requests. It was the time when people are dying lack of oxygen cylinders, lack of awareness in people for plasma donation, rapid filling of hospitals and unavailability of beds. It was the time when i wanted to react for requests which were reached to me but I don't know what to do then i found VV helpline number and i used to make messages and calls regarding requests. They too reacted as early as possible. I am not saying that we saved people's lives but I can say that VV gave hope to the people who experienced the fear of death with it's helpline and instant responses. Later on it conducted many activities like weekend beach clean up activities, blood donation camps, groceries and old clothes distribution to tribal people and many. It's deeds are UNSTOPPABLE and with its good deeds, VV is writing its own mark in the hearts of vizag people❀️🀍

Fareedha begum Shaik

Last year my friend referred me about this Group. I was added from then onwards I am witnessed and following closely the way the admins were monitoring and getting donors leads keeping good relationship with Hospitals and Blood Banks. It's not that easy as seen everyone should have dedication, concern and helping nature and HUMANITY.. I am proud to be part of this group. Thank you and applause to one and all who made this success that people have hope in this group.

Sivalenka Mallik

Vizag volunteers are doing a brilliant job in all aspects. They were so helpful during the covid times by providing food to the street hawkers who didn't had any earning. They connect rapid fast with the blood banks for the needy. They are doing an amazing job by cleaning the beach.It’s possible only with all the volunteers. Kudos to the team.


There are many to mentioned. Let me begin with mine. All my family got affected with COVID during second wave. Got admitted and after discharge, my mother required Oxygen. So, posted a request in group and within hours help is received from different people in the group. Even one of them, personally asked to attend for help. Then finally the need is fulfilled.

Thanks a lot for this initiative and looking forward to contribute myself to serve in group.


Vizag volunteers are a blessing to the people of Vizag. They are the angels who have saved lot of lives by being the frontline warriors during Covid. We are one of those families who have received their support when everyone in our home were impacted by Covid. Appreciate all the efforts taken by Vizag volunteers and Satish Garu and wish them all the best!!

L Apparao

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