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19th Blood Donation Camp (On the Occasion of Suresh Sir Birth Anniversary

  • Date: 12-10-2023
  • Locations: Lion's Blood Camp
  • Participated Volunteer: Rakesh pola, Pawan Kalyan, Kavya, Javid, Geetha, Janaki Ram, Prem Kumar,Deepthika, Mounika, Varun, Balaji, Tanuja
  • Summary:

    On the 12th Oct, 2023 vizag volunteers conducted a blood donation camp in collaboration with Lion’s blood bankOn the Occasion of the G.Suresh Sir Birth anniversary we conducted blood donation camp, our core volunteers have conducted the camp in the most diligent way possible. A total of 50 units of blood was conducted on the day of the camp. This was Vizag Volunteers 19th blood donation camp. One of the key members of Vizag Volunteers was placed as team lead. Encouraging everyone to donate blood. Vizag Volunteers is very happy to come as far as 19 blood donation camps, it is sure that many more will be conducted to help with blood requirements.

The 19th blood donation camp was conducted by the Vizag Volunteers in collaboration with Lion’s blood bank . A total of 50 units of blood has been collected on that day, many people came forward to donate blood, these donors fulfilled many blood requirements and are the real heroes.


Key Volunteers


Pola Rakesh


kavya s


Preem Kumar


Javid Akram

Pawan Klayan

P Geetha



How We Executed

Various Social media posts were done to increase the awareness of blood camps that are being conducted at lion’s community hall, Ramnagar, visakhapatnam. 12th October, 2023 it was Vizag Volunteers 19th blood donation camp and our key member was placed as a team lead. The blood donation camp was conducted from 9:30 am to 5.30pm. There were 50 blood donations, many people voluntarily came forward to donate blood and save lives in the future.


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