IMPACT: Vaanaprastham Old Age Home - Aadhar Event 50+

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Vaanaprastham Old Age Home- Aadhar Event

  • Date: 24th July 2022
  • Locations: Murali Nagar, Visakhapatnam.
  • Participated Volunteer: Puja Mohanti, M.Lakshmi, Geethika & Aadhar Center Persons
  • Summary:

    On the 24th july 2022, the key volunteers of vizag volunteers did a survey on the vanaprastham old age home to cater the needs of the people living there. Vizag Volunteers have conducted an aadhar event, where an aadhar card was created on the name of each and every person living in vanaprastham old age home. This activity was a part of a special people project. An aadhar event was held in the names of those individuals so that they could get any free schemes launched in the name of old people by the government of Andhra Pradesh.

Vizag Volunteers have conducted a survey at the Vanaprastham old age home to know the needs of the people living there, so we have conducted an aadhar event with the help of St. Joseph college students who were enrolled for a social internship at Vizag Volunteers. Under this event vizag volunteers helped the old people by creating Aadhar cards under their names. This Aadhar event was a part of the special people project. 


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How We Executed

An aadhar event was conducted with the help of St. Joseph College students who were then doing their internship at Vizag Volunteers, Vizag Volunteers is much more than delighted to be helpful for everyone. 


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