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Medical Camp

  • Date: 02,03 rd June 2023
  • Locations: Kancharapalem, Visakhapatnam
  • Participated Volunteer: "Day 1 - 28 Volunteers (Hemanth, Nikhil, Abdul Rehman, Charan, Dinish, Rakesh, Pavan, Balaji, Prasad, Manvik, Rohith, Deepthika, Jyothsna, Deepya, Mamatha, Likhitha, Harshita, Yasashwi, Tabya, Divya, Himani, Mythri, Navya, Sandhya Rani, Swapna Day 2- 26 Volunteers ( Nikhila, Hemanth, Abdul Rehman, Dinish, Charan, Prasad, Rohith, Manvik, Deepthika, Saghavi, Lakshmi, Shaik Noorjahan, Shaik Afsan, Kavya, Yasashwi, Likhita, Mamata, Himani, Divya, Swapna Saraswathi, Sandhya,Lalitha, Bhanu"
  • Summary:

    A successful two-day medical camp in Visakhapatnam, organized by Destiny Charitable Trust, OSI Foundation, and Vizag Volunteers, provided essential medical supplies, blood tests, and hypertension screenings. This collaborative effort exemplified the power of community engagement, addressing immediate healthcare needs, creating awareness, and fostering a sense of involvement. Vizag Volunteers played a crucial role, contributing time and expertise to ensure the camp's success, showcasing the spirit of volunteerism and community service. Their dedication, in collaboration with the two organizations, made a significant impact on the well-being of the community and sets an inspiring example for collective action in healthcare initiatives.

This event highlights the successful collaboration between Destiny Charitable Trust, OSI Foundation, and Vizag Volunteers in organizing a two-day medical camp in Visakhapatnam. The event aimed to provide essential healthcare services, including blood tests and hypertension screenings, to the community. The joint efforts of these organizations underscore the power of community engagement and collective action for the betterment of society. The involvement of Vizag Volunteers played a crucial role in the camp's success, with their active participation in various aspects such as station setup, participant registration, and support during medical procedures. Their dedication created a positive atmosphere and contributed to efficiently managing the event. The description emphasizes the significance of such initiatives in addressing immediate healthcare needs, promoting awareness, and fostering a sense of community involvement in healthcare. The commitment of Vizag Volunteers exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism and underscores the positive impact individuals can make when united for a common cause.


Key Volunteers

Angeline Bhaskar


Pawan Klayan


How We Executed

Our dedicated volunteers and interns actively participated in the two-day event, contributing significantly to its success. The event, held from 9 AM to 5 PM on June 2 and 3, 2023, in Kancharpalem, aimed to provide essential healthcare services to the community. Local residents played a crucial role in helping us secure the venue and spreading awareness about the event. The volunteers and interns, driven by their enthusiasm and commitment, played key roles in organizing and facilitating the medical camp. Their efforts were instrumental in ensuring the smooth operation of the event, allowing us to effectively reach out to the local population and provide valuable healthcare services.


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