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Oxygen Support - Wave 01

  • Date: 14th Aug 2020 to 15th Dec 2020
  • Locations: Visakhapatnam District
  • Participated Volunteer: Vivek, Hakim, Naimisha, Mohit, Ajay
  • Summary:

    Vizag Volunteers noticed the requirement of oxygen therapy for covid-19 patients. So our project on Oxygen was initiated to help the patient's with Oxygen for free. The requests came in through our helpline, 7337335557 and were forwarded to the on-ground volunteers for verification and fulfilment.

The Covid-19 disease is not the same for every person; different individuals are affected on a different scale of severity. Some get no symptoms, while some need to be admitted to the ICU for critical care. In addition, there were cases where a person was required to be placed under home quarantine but needed oxygen support.

When a person is affected by COVID or has symptoms of COVID regular monitoring of oxygen saturation level with a pulse oximeter is mandatory. The doctor's advice is to check the body's oxygen level every 4 hours daily if a person is affected by COVID. A SpO2 reading of 95% or greater is considered to be a normal oxygen level. If the value is lower than 92%, it is a sign that you should get a higher level of treatment.

We planned this project in the thought of helping the people in need. We purchased 8 Oxygen cylinders and placed them at strategic locations in the city. Our planning enabled us to address any request for oxygen on our helpline within minutes. Our team used to follow up on the patient's health for the next seven days and assured them to be on their side in any adversity.


Key Volunteers



How We Executed

Vizag Volunteers was one of the first NGOs to provide oxygen service for free in Vizag. We received the request for oxygen cylinders on our helpline number and through references. The cylinders were located at strategic locations in the city from where our volunteers could help the patients in the least possible time. Our team followed up with the patient on their health status and collected back the cylinder after it fulfilled the need.


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