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Chocolate Distribution

  • Date: 14 November 2020
  • Locations: One Town - Port area
  • Donors: Vizag Volunteers Association & Taste Buds
  • Participated Volunteer: Satish, Anjum, Sudharshan and Chandan
  • Summary:

    During the first wave of Covid-19, when the world suffered a lot, the children had to go through a lot of mental stress. So we wanted to bring those missed smiles back on childrens faces. So we wanted to do something special for Diwali 2020, and we came with the idea of distributing chocolates to the kids as it was also Children's Day.

Vizag Volunteers don't like to do anything that seems regular; we want to innovate on whatever work we do to impact others.

Chocolates were sponsored by Taste Buds, owned by Maya and Ravi Choraria. Being a Vizag Volunteers member sponsored the chocolates for this cause and spent Rs.10,000/- for the chocolates and gifts. We then identified the location where to distribute and selected one town port slum area in Visakhapatnam city. Then, we took the items in our van to the area where they were more kids.

When we reached the place, everyone thought it was the usual way where a child would be given single chocolate and sent home. The children had to pick chocolates from both hands and drop as many as possible on the plate. We could see Diwali sparkles in their eyes and smiles.


Key Volunteers



How We Executed

We planned the project for 14th November 2020; when the country celebrated Diwali, we thought of surprising children on Children's day. We bought the chocolates from the Taste Buds store. Our volunteers went to the location and ensured that all children are entertained and then allowed the children to come and take chocolates by themselves.


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