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Groceries Distribution Paderu

  • Date: 25th June 2021
  • Locations: "Musidiputtu, Pedabayalu, Kithukonda, Rogulapeta Seethagunta panchayat Pedabayalu mandal Paderu"
  • Donors: Avigna Foundation & Vizag Volunteers
  • Participated Volunteer: Ramesh, Sudharshan, Fareedha, Ruchita, Ramya, Bhargav, Chandan, Rama Krishna, Manideep, Lakshman and Narasingh
  • Summary:

    Tribal areas near Paderu were selected for our third grocery distribution activity. We got information from the ground about the needs of covid-19 recovered patients in the areas. The kits were provided to covid-19 recovered villages and also few villagers who were very poor.

This project is planned in collaboration with Avigna foundation, a Canada based NGO.

The Project goal was to distribute 110 grocery kits to needy in the Paderu area. The kit contains the following items. Rice10 kgs, Atta 2 kgs, Ragi flour 4 kgs, Red Gram 1 kg, Green Gram 500 gm, Barley 250 gm, Cumins 100 gm, Kabuli Channa 500 gm, Groundnuts 500 gm, Jaggery 500 gm, Chilli powder 200 gm, Salt 1 kg & Masks 20 pieces.

After distribution of 75 grocery kits at Araku the team of 11 headed towards Paderu where a van with 100 grocery kits was already waiting. The team reached to the interior villages of Paderu near to the border of Odisha. The team completed the distribution of kits with the help of the MPDO Mr. L Puurnaiah and Mr. Raviraja Jarsingi. The distribution started at 6 PM and we visited multiple villages which were affected with covid. We provided surprises to kids in those villages by providing them with chocolate packets and snacks. The distribution ended at 8 PM and the team started for Vizag at 9 PM and reached home at 1 in the night.


Key Volunteers



J.D.Lakshman Kumar

Rama Krishna

How We Executed

A team of 11 Vizag volunteers: Ramesh, Sudharshan, Fareedha, Ruchita, Ramya, Bhargav, Chandan, Rama Krishna, Manideep, Lakshman, and Narasingh started from Araku to Paderu on the afternoon of June 25th, 2021.
We covered the following villages during the distribution: Musidiputtu, Pedabayalu, Kithukonda, Rogulapeta. They come under Seethagunta panchayat, Pedabayalu Mandal.

Our team first visited Musidiputtu, where we distributed 23 Grocery kits and then traveled to Pedabayalu and distributed 29 grocery kits. Then we went to Kithukonda, where we distributed 32 grocery kits, and by the time we finally reached Rogulpeta, it was night, and we distributed around 16 grocery kits.

While we were traveling through these places, our team stopped near houses far from the villages and talked to them, and if they were in need, we presented grocery kits that surprised and happy. This way, we surprised them and distributed another ten grocery kits.


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