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Immunity Tea

  • Date: 12th July 2020 - 23rd September 2020
  • Locations: Central Park, LIC Building, Andhra University, SFS School - Seethammadhara, TTD Kalyan Mandapam - MVP, Ushodaya, Gajuwaka, HB Colony, Krishna College, Visalakshi Nagar - Beach Road, Sivaji Park, Police Station (MVP), A S Raja College, Arilova, Pedda Waltair, Sagar Nagar, Chinna Waltair, Vuda Park, Venkoji Palem and Eye Hospital Waltair.
  • Donors: Venkat, Ravi Varma and Suresh Babu.
  • Participated Volunteer: G. Vara Prasad, B.Narsimhilu, M. Jyothi Rani, P. Venkata Murali, B. Shiva Shankar, M. Gnaneswari,Ajay,Sashank,Sravan,Santhosh,Deepak Varma and Jeevan.
  • Summary:

    This activity was first planned for 100 teas per day. However, due to the rise in demand, we served 400 teas per day. Even though we had few funds and faced many hurdles and challenges, we could complete the process as the people’s health was the foremost important thing for us. Therefore, We provided 24,000 cups of Immunity tea, and we extended the mission for 42 days.

The Government of India has been suggesting that people's top priority must be to take all necessary precautions, including social distancing, wearing masks, and enhancing personal hygiene and immunity. However, the extent to which the public is practising this was questionable.

As immunity plays a crucial role in defending ourselves against COVID, the Ministry of AYUSH has suggested an ayurvedic immunity booster tea prepared using 11 Ingredients. Therefore, we have undertaken this task to provide this immunity booster tea readily for all people in Vizag to safeguard against the spread of the virus. Initially, we aimed to distribute approximately 100 cups of this drink each day in a particular place of Visakhapatnam.

As a part of the process, we hired a Maruti OMNI car for 42 days, where Mr Prasad and Mr Narasingh took the responsibility as lead volunteers for cooking and distributing the tea. The team decided on the place one day before and reached the location early to prepare and distribute the tea to local people. Our volunteers who are available close by also joined their hands for the successful completion of this activity.


Key Volunteers


G. Vara Prasad

M. Gnaneswari


How We Executed

Vizag Volunteers has served the immunity booster tea at 42 different locations in Visakhapatnam. The first stall was opened on 12th July and continued on 13th July near Central Park, where we served 800 teas in two days. We opened the immunity booster stalls at many prime locations that served tea for one to three days in a row, depending upon the peoples' flow.

In some prominent places, such as Andhra University, we served 1600 teacups in three days. At TTD Kalyana Mandapam MVP, we served 1200 teacups in 2 days; at Ushodaya Junction, we served 1900 teacups in three days; at Gajuwaka, we served 2000 teacups in two days; at A.S Raja college, we served 2000 teacups in two days. The total number of teacups we served to the people from 12th July to 23rd September is 24,000 at 42 junction points. The volunteers serving the immunity tea followed all the safety protocols of covid-19 during the pandemic. Our organization spent Rs. 94,012/- for the tea ingredients, sanitisers, gloves, and masks during this activity.


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