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Cloth Distribution at Darakonda

  • Date: 08-01-2024
  • Locations: Darakonda, Visakhapatnam Dt
  • Donors: Vizag Runner's Association & BNI Amigo's
  • Participated Volunteer: Chandan Achary, Pushpit Dantuluri, B Narsing Rao, Ramesh Babu Kasapu, Prasanna Kumar Thadi, Rakesh Pola, Pavan Kalyan Kolli, Md. Javed Akram, Geetha Pothina, Ajay Kumar, Anil Setty, Ashish Bankapalli, Keerthana Parimilli, Varsha, Ram Charan Teja Pangi, Harsha Valluri, Lakshman Sastri, Gumpina Demullu, Ronagli Aravind, Eiri Anand.
  • Summary:

    A group of volunteers from Vizag went to Darakonda, a village 150 kilometers away, for a project called "Reuse and Real Needy." Driven by compassion, they wanted to help children who lacked basic things. The volunteers played games, shared laughter, and exchanged cultures with the kids. They gave out blankets, sweaters, clothes, stationery, and chocolates, making the community very happy. The volunteers even joined the local dance, Dimsa, and talked heart-to-heart with the people in the village, leaving a strong impact. This project goes beyond just giving things; it spreads kindness and compassion, inspiring others to be caring and bridge gaps in our sometimes disconnected world.

In a world often caught up in its busy pace, it's heartening to witness acts of kindness that transcend geographical boundaries. Recently, a group of dedicated volunteers from Vizag embarked on an extraordinary journey, travelling over 150 kilometres to a village named Darakonda, bringing warmth, joy, and essentials to a community in need. The Purposeful Journey Driven by compassion, the Vizag volunteers set out to make a difference in the lives of children who lacked basic necessities. Their destination was more than just a place on the map; it was a community waiting to be embraced with love and generosity. Connecting with the Kids Upon reaching their destination, the volunteers were greeted by the cheerful faces of children, their eyes filled with curiosity and hope. The atmosphere was immediately charged with positivity as the volunteers engaged in games, shared laughter, and embraced the spirit of camaraderie with the youngsters. Blankets, Sweaters, and More The main agenda of the day was a generous distribution of essentials. The volunteers came prepared with blankets, sweaters, clothes, stationery items, and, of course, chocolates—a treat that added an extra sprinkle of joy to the occasion. The children, wrapped in warmth and smiles, eagerly received these gifts, and the joy on their faces was immeasurable. A Dance of Joy, Dimsa The cultural exchange was not just limited to material gifts; the volunteers immersed themselves in the local culture, joining the kids in their traditional dance, Dimsa. It was a beautiful sight, illustrating how the language of joy and celebration knows no boundaries. A Heartfelt Interaction Beyond the distribution of items, the volunteers engaged in meaningful conversations with the community members. They listened to their stories, shared experiences, and formed connections that transcended the physical miles that separated them. The Ripple Effect The impact of this endeavor extends far beyond the physical gifts. The volunteers left a lasting impression on the community, and the bonds forged during this visit are bound to create a ripple effect of kindness and compassion. The Power of Community This inspiring journey by Vizag volunteers highlights the power of community, compassion, and the willingness to go the extra mile—literally. It serves as a reminder that small acts of kindness, fueled by a genuine desire to make a positive impact, can create profound change. In a world where distances can often make us feel disconnected, the Vizag volunteers demonstrated that the human spirit knows no bounds when it comes to spreading warmth, joy, and love. May the journey inspire everyone to be a little more compassionate and to find ways to bridge the gaps that separate us.


Key Volunteers





Pola Rakesh


Lakshmana sastry

Javid Akram

Pawan Klayan

P Geetha

Harsha Valluri





Ram Charan Tej


R. Aravind

Eiri Anand

Prasanna Kumar Thadi

How We Executed

We heard that people in a place needed help, so our group of volunteers from Vizag decided to go there and assist them. On January 8, 2024, we planned to distribute essential items. Twenty volunteers participated, including 10 regular members and 10 new ones, all part of our real needs and reuse projects. We started our journey at 4:00 am from our office and reached the destination before 9:30 am. We visited three schools - Government UP School, Darakonda, Nimma Chettu Area School, and China Ganga Varam School - to distribute chocolates, sports items, stationery, clothes, sweaters, and blankets. The children were very happy to receive these things. After finishing the program, we left Darakonda at 4:00 pm and returned to Vizag by 9:30 pm. The event went smoothly, and our volunteers were delighted and excited to help, while the children were also very happy to receive the items.


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