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Volunteer your way into a better YOU!

Our mission is to serve the poor in the City of Destiny, where individuals can have fun while helping others. Many NGOs working in the city have communication gaps with society's needs; we are here to make an effect by concentrating on the genuine need.

We augment your ability to serve the less fortunate by bringing greater professionalism to volunteer work. Volunteers who put their heart and soul into their work and believe that helping brings them happiness and fulfilment are prioritised.

We strive for complete transparency and never serve for the sake of fame. We prefer to focus on people's needs and fulfil them by identifying and solving the root cause of the problem. Our volunteers' discipline and code of behaviour are paramount to us.

Volunteering Skills

Let us know the skills you possess or would like to learn to help the needy.

Writing and Editing

Art and Design

Technology Development

Field Work and Management


Project Development

Project Management

Event Management


Healthcare Services

Leadership and Strategy

Teaching and Training


Community organizing

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Request Volunteers


Types of volunteers

Corporate Volunteer

NRI Volunteer

Bussines Volunteer

Profisinol Volunteer

Government Volunteer

Women Volunteer

Student Volunteer

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Volunteer Steps

  • Register as Volunteer

    Register as an Volunteer and join our whats app group and follow our social media handles to get updates of our activities.

  • Verified Volunteer

    Become a verified volunteer and start building your profile by participating in our activities.

  • Team Member

    Depending on your skills and dedication we will add you into a team to work on a project.

  • Team Lead

    Become team leader and start managing and supporting the whole team and assign tasks to members of your team.

  • Project Lead

    Become a project lead and manage all the teams under that specific project.

  • Core Member

    Become a core stakeholder in our organization and take part in creating impact for the greater good.

Volunteering with Vizag Volunteers

When you start volunteering with us, we try to understand your interests and passion. Based on your skills, interest, and need, we will assign you with some responsibilities. Our volunteers are students, professionals, and business people. They focus on volunteering by taking out time every week, and we focus on build a workflow based on their free timings since every hour of volunteering is valuable, and we don't like wasting it.

Our belief in helping good people to create a good society is why we monitor our volunteers and try to help them build their careers and try to help them in their personal lives. Everyone needs money in their life, and few of them need it more than others. So, we provide paid volunteering for those who need it.

We strongly believe that small things make the biggest difference, so our focus is to create a small impact consistently to create a big impact. SOS services are one of our long-term goals. You can be a silent volunteer and only volunteer during emergencies.

Ways to Volunteer with us

At Vizag Volunteers, everyone is a volunteer for the city of Destiny. We give equal importance to Money, Material, Man-hours, and Magnanimity.


Who are Vizag Volunteers?

Vizag Volunteers are a group like minded individuals who have come together to create a positive impact and smiles. We are also a registered NGO bearing the registration number 101/2021.

Should I pay any fees for registration?

At Vizag Volunteers we believe that social service should be done at 'ZERO' cost for the volunteer. We don't charge anyone for registering with us on our website. You can register yourself as a volunteer here : Register now

How much time do I need to volunteer?

We don't add any lower limit or upper limit for volunteering. You can dedicate 2 hours a week or 2 hours a day. We value each hour you put in to make a difference in the society.

Should I live in Vizag or be a native of Vizag to join?

You don't have to live or be a native of Vizag to join Vizag Volunteers. If you have every visited Vizag and fell in love with the city and want to make it more beautiful you are always welcome to join. You can volunteer from any part of the globe.

Do I need any qualification to volunteer?

Volunteering can be done by anyone irrespective of their age or qualification. Anyone can join to volunteer with us.

Can I volunteer from home?

Yes, you can volunteer for us from your home. A lot of our volunteers are already doing it and don't even stay in Vizag.

Can I volunteer full time and get living expenses?

Full time volunteer to get living expenses will be based on the need of the individual and acceptance of our core members to support the individual. It would be done only if you really need a livelihood and have a passion for social service.

None of these FAQs answer my questions, what do I do now?

Call us on 7337335557 or write us a mail about your concerns to


What Volunteers Says

Near by Volunteers

We are always near you


Make a difference

Volunteering can have a real positive affect and on people, communities and society in general.

Boost your self-esteem

Stepping out of your comfort zone and building new skills is the best way to develop your self-esteem.

Wider career options

With the skills you develop while volunteering, you would have knowledge in different areas.

Having a better health

Spending meaningful time serving others can reduce stress and the health effects it has on our bodies.

Gain confidence

Volunteering can help you gain confidence by giving you the chance to try something new and build a real sense of achievement.

Meet people

Volunteering can help you meet different kinds of people in the society and make make a few new friends.

Be a part of community

Volunteering can help you feel part of group with similar ideas and thoughts outside your friends and family

Learn new skills

Volunteering can help you learn new skills, gain experience and sometimes even qualifications.

Take on a challenge

Through volunteering you can challenge yourself to try something different, practice using your skills and discover hidden talents.

Time Management

The experience from volunteering will give you a better understanding on managing your time to accomplish your goals.

Team work

Working with different teams and with different team leads you would understand the importance of working together .

Leadership skills

Managing teams and projects will help you to learn to manage different type of people and different situations in real time..

What are teams?

At Vizag Volunteers, we run projects simultaneously. Each project has a different team with team leads and few dedicated volunteers to work on the project. The team is responsible for fulfilling the needs and activities which come under their project. Based on the efforts and dedication of the team members, the teams are assigned more responsibilities. 

In case of an emergency or disaster, we would add more members to support the main team. We at Vizag volunteers never focus on publicity, which is why we avoid press meets, and if you volunteer for the good of the needy, we will help you grow in your career. We want to encourage volunteering and give the best volunteers to society.

Vizag Volunteers Awards

Do you love Vizag

Vizag is one of the most beautiful cities in India and has a 32 kilometers stretch of seashore with some of the best scenic views. The people of Vizag are polite and friendly; some residents hail from different parts of India and have settled in the City of Destiny. People here love to enjoy nature along with their families on the beach road. If you love the city of Vizag, please join hands with us to make it a more healthy and safe.


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