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Government Blind School- Cleaning Activity

  • Date: 16th April 2022
  • Locations: Yendada, Visakhapatnam
  • Participated Volunteer: Venkat Sai, Shiva, Saran, Harsha, A.Sravya, R.Laya, C.Kusuma, K,Dhana lakshmi, M.Kanya, P.Geethika, G.Hemani, M.Lakshmi, T.Swathi, Ayushi, M.Iasanya
  • Summary:

    Vizag volunteers conducted a survey in the Government Blind School. We analysed the information after the survey and we found out that There was no adequate water supply for the students and the facilities for drying washed clothes are inadequate. Our Vizag volunteers along with the St.Joseph college internship batch organised a clean up activity. They also bought them special types of bracelets, ear rings, chains, bangles, house building, helicopter making toys, building blocks, spellars, puzzles, numbers and many such accessories and toys.

In collaboration with volunteers from St Joseph's College for Women, an event was conducted at the Government School for Visually Blind Girls. Vizag Volunteers constructed a clothes wash area and to make its usage easier for the children, the volunteers cleared the path that was full of weeds.  


Key Volunteers


Venkat Sai

Saran Reddy


How We Executed

Students from St. Joseph College and our volunteers observed the situation and learned what the students desired. There is no adequate water supply for the students and the facilities for drying washed clothes are inadequate.As there were so many bushes and unwanted plants which could harm the blind students  We cleaned the surrounding area near the wash area.College students and our volunteers cleaned the area for drying clothes and put up ropes for drying clothes. The management in the blind school were very thankful for our actions and the students were very satisfied with the whole experience.


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