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Government Blind School - Inauguration of Hand Pump

  • Date: 22nd July 2022
  • Locations: Yendada, Visakhapatnam.
  • Donors: Vizasg Volunteers Association
  • Participated Volunteer: Sudharshan, Venkat Sai, Saran, Satish K, Puja, Narsingh, A.Sravya, R.Laya, C.Kusuma, K.Dhana Lakshmi,, M.Kavya, P.Geetha, G.Hemani, M.Lakjshmi,, T.Swati, Ayushi, M.Easanya
  • Summary:

    Vizag Volunteers collaborated with the students of St Joseph's College for Women, An event was conducted at the Government School for Visually Blind Girls with the support of everyone, we were able to inaugurate and give them a basic but necessary item that is a water pump. Each and every person in this world has the right to seek better shelter, food and water facilities. We had the opportunity to interact with the girls and play little games with them without causing any trouble . Our volunteers were very happy to be a part of the hand pump inauguration at the school. 

Students from St. Joseph College and Vizag Volunteers conducted a survey and visited the blind school. We looked into the surroundings and discovered what the students wanted. The facility to hang clean and wash clothes was not available, to our dismay there wasn't a sufficient water supply to the students. So we teamed up and gathered all the facilities they required and provided them everything.


Key Volunteers





Venkat Sai

Saran Reddy

How We Executed

Students from St. Joseph College and our volunteers  conducted a survey at the Blind School. We observed the situation and learned what the students desired. There is no adequate water supply for the students, and the facilities for drying washed clothes are inadequate. college students and our volunteers cleaned the area for drying clothes and put up ropes for drying clothes. Later, we inaugurated a hand pump to fulfil their water facilities. We played small games and gave the children gifts. Our volunteers, as well as the children are overjoyed.


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