IMPACT: Sunflower Special School 50+

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Sunflower Special School

  • Date: 31st March 2022
  • Locations: Pedda waltair, Visakhapatnam
  • Donors: Asha jyothi Organization Ashika Ganta Samaya Talluru Vizag Vlunteers Association
  • Participated Volunteer: Puja, Varsha, rachana, Sakshi, Pranavi, Janvi, Sushmitha, Venkat sai, Saran, Megha raj, Murali, Nabin, Srinivas, Narasingh
  • Summary:

    Vizag Volunteers have collaborated with Asha Jyothi organisation in helping the children of sunflower special school. There were many volunteers to team up with our core volunteers to help these children in need, not only giving what they wanted but our volunteers also interacted with these children. This school was visited under the special people project, even the students of St. Joseph college also joined us. During this project our volunteers have donated 15 chairs with writing planks, 2 teaching aids like coloured beads sets, puzzles related to alphabets, numbers, animals, fruits, vegetables vehicles, peg boards etc, an alphabet floor mat, colours floor mat big size, sensory therapy material of 3 sets, coloured rings of 3 sets, 2 wheelchairs, single cot beds of 3 numbers and also groceries. The volunteers spent a lot of time interacting with the children of the school, Vizag Volunteers were much more than happy to be involved in projects that brought a beautiful smile on the face of these children.

Vizag volunteers along with students of St. Joseph, who were taking part in the internship program collaborated with Asha Jyothi Organization in helping the children of sunflower special school. We with the help of this organisation and the students donated many items which would be helpful for the school as well as the children. This activity was a part of the special people project. This activity involved key people of Vizag Volunteers, vizag volunteers is much more than delighted to help these little ones in need.


Key Volunteers


Venkat Sai

Saran Reddy


Srinivas Garu

Megha Raj


How We Executed

The key members of Vizag volunteers with the students of St. Joseph collaborated with Asha Jyothi Organization to help the sunflower special school. A total of 20 volunteers planned hand in hand and did a survey to know what are the requirements of the sunflower special school and fulfilled them. Vizag Volunteers is much more than delighted to meet the needs of these beautiful children. 


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