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Migrant Workers Service MVP

  • Date: 15th May 2020 - 3rd June 2020
  • Locations: MVP
  • Participated Volunteer: Praveen, Dilip, Ravi Kiran, Raju(Auto), Ramky, Rakesh, MuraliKrishna, Vishnu Priya, Baggam Srinivas.
  • Summary:

    MVP food point, also known as the night food point. This food point served people to the migrants who came into the city during the night. We used to see an inflow of migrants till 11 PM in the night. On some days, it operated till 1 in the night.

MVP food point, also known as the night food point of Vizag Volunteers, used to operate from 5 PM to 11:30 PM in the night. The food point provided much-needed relief to the migrants travelling in the night to avoid being caught by the authorities in a few cities and towns. This point provided food, water, rehydration fluids, sanitary pads(Women) to the migrants. The main challenge is to arrange travel facilities by halting lorries, trucks & buses in night curfew. On average, 500-800 food packets, 15-30 water bags, 30-50 dozens of bananas were distributed.

Along with this, many locals are impressed with MVP food point service and joined hands by providing bread, chips & biscuit packets, chappals, food packets,3-ply masks. In addition, MVP Police station staff helped provide permission letters to cross the state borders, and duty police at MVP signal point halted few vehicles and requested to carry the migrants to their destinations.


Key Volunteers

Praveen Kumar



How We Executed

We set up the MVP food point on the 2nd day of help to migrant workers, i.e., 12th June 2020,soon we identified that most migrants are North Indians and not interested to eat lemon rice and curd rice, So we served 100 biryani packets,200 pulka's was first provided with lemon pickle for side from 6:00 PM - 12:30 AM during the night to migrants walking through the city. That day was followed by all other essentials like food, fluids, masks, sanitary pads. The food point was open to the public where anyone could come with their cooked food packets and donate. We also arranged transport for the migrants at this food point via passing trucks ,private buses, vans and non left behind.MVP food point is also called "Night food point of Vizag volunteers".


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