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Migrant Workers Service Pinagadi

  • Date: 13th May 2020 - 10th June 2020
  • Locations: Pinagadi Jn.
  • Participated Volunteer: Avinash G, Jagadish Kumar, Sai Ram Singh, Arun Singh, Uday Chandra, A Ananda Rao, Aditya, Avishma, Mojesh, Raj Kumar, Nagesh, Swamiji, Uma Geddam
  • Summary:

    One of the busiest food points of the five food points, Pinagadi food point, was an inspiration for all the food points. Every day more than 150 water packet bags and more than 1500-2000 food packets were distributed. The food point was run for the longest time and was the last point to be closed.

Pinagadi Jn. food point near Pendurthi acted as one of the most valuable food points for the migrants. This food point saw migrants from Odisha, Bihar and West Bengal heading back to their hometowns. The food was one of the busiest ones, daily more than 150 water packet bags, 50-100 dozens of bananas, 1500-2000 food packets, medicines, rehydration fluids and other relief material was provided. The strategic location of the food point also made sure that the migrants don't enter the city of Vizag in search of food, water or other help. Our volunteers also helped the migrants travelling on foot and cycle with transportation.

The food came from different sources, like our food point in MVP, locals, and our volunteers' homes. The average expenditure of this food point was 20,000-30,000 per day.


Key Volunteers





Uday Chandra

How We Executed

Pinagadi Jn. was the second food point we started during the migrant workers' crisis. We placed the food point at a strategic location that connected the national highway from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai to Vizag. The food point was initially equipped with food and water; in the coming days, we saw a huge inflow of migrants through the route. So we increased the supply of food packets, water packet bags, medicines, sanitary pads, rehydration fluids, etc.


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