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Doctor Consultation wave 1

  • Date: August 2020 - December 2020
  • Locations: "Visahapatnam, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Hyderabad, Bangalore "
  • Donors: "Doctor Support Dr Kavitha Dr Sandhya Rani Medicine Support Baggam Srinivas "
  • Participated Volunteer: Praveen,Sashank
  • Summary:

    Vizag Volunteers is the first NGO, which started free covid consultation support in Visakhapatnam. During the first wave, when there was alot of confusion and panic, many are worried about moving to hospital and quarantine centers; at that time, we started providing doctor consultation with a team of 1 doctor, one nurse, and one volunteer.

Vizag Volunteers started providing Doctor consultation support in the 1st wave of the covid19 pandemic. We tried our best to save maximum patients by providing proper care at home without hospital admission. We designed a unique and specialized 15 days home isolation strategy, which had ample benefits for treating mild, moderate, and asymptomatic covid-19 patients at home. We monitored the patient’s vitals such as Spo2, temperature, pulse rate, and Spo2 post 6 Min walk test, twice a day for 15 days. The consultation was free and catered to the residents of Visakhapatnam.

In the 1st wave, the covid cases were high but timely Testing-Tracing-Treating was implemented correctly because of 7-14 days government quarantine rules & strict restrictions on country and state borders. In the 2nd lockdown, few Vizag volunteers were affected by covid when they went to a quarantine center for service. During that time, we got an opportunity of a free covid testing facility for all Vizag Volunteers & their families. If anyone had symptoms of covid-19, we sent them for testing. In those, some tested positive.

We started free Doctor consultation with a team of 1 Doctor, one nurse & 2 Volunteers initially and provided telemedicine and home monitoring support for those who tested positive. During the consultation, Our team conducted a thorough medical review by asking questions about symptoms, general condition or feeling of the patient, any health concerns, comorbidities, and the results of previous medical tests. Slowly doctor consultation requests have increased, so we extended the team & our helpline number support to Doctor consultation. We got 25-40 callers to contact the Vizag Volunteers team, and the Vizag Volunteers team monitored a total of 500+ patients with home quarantine support.


Key Volunteers

Praveen Kumar


How We Executed

Vizag Volunteers team did covid service in quarantine centers during the first wave; two of our volunteers tested positive for covid-19. There, we identified two gaps: Testing and which doctor to consult for proper treatment. We also needed to check if our volunteer had to be admitted to a hospital for treatment. Dr.Kavitha garu, a Pulmonologist from ABC hospital, helped in consultation and suggested few tests and medication for a quarantine period.

Seeing the need for consultation for our volunteers, we initiated doctor consultation support for all our volunteers and their families by starting a helpline number and accepted requests through the website.


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