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Sandhya Marines Vizag Marathon - 2023

  • Date: 17th Dec, 2023
  • Locations: Park Circle, MGM Grounds, Kurupam Circle, Visakha Musium
  • Participated Volunteer: PNM Srinivas, Mamatha, Gayathri, Preethi, Rajesh Omkar, Ramesh babu, Upendra, Ram charan, T. Mohan Sai Charan, Gowtham, Pativada Navya Sai, Ashish, Puja, Hemani, Sri Laya, Swathi, Pranathi, Jahnavi, Deepthika, Monika, Prasad.
  • Summary:

    During Sandhya Marine Vizag Marathon event, the Vizag Runners Society promoted the themes of the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC), namely 'Eco Vizag,' and supported the city police's initiative for a 'Drug-Free Vizag.' The aim was to raise awareness about the significance of environmental protection and the prevention of substance abuse. Participants included a diverse group, ranging from youth and women to school-going children and elderly individuals, all showing great enthusiasm across four categories: 21k, 10k, 5k, and 3k. The event highlighted that age was not a barrier to participation. The Vizag Marathon, organized and conducted by experienced Vizag Runners, received support from Vizag Volunteers who joined as volunteering partners. The goal was to encourage individuals to rekindle their interest in running and fitness, with the broader objective of positioning our city as a world-class running destination, securing a special place in the Indian running calendar. Vizag Volunteers contributed approximately 200 volunteers for the Vizag Marathon, led by efficient team leads and their passionate teams. These volunteers, driven by a strong sense of service, participated with immense joy at key locations such as Park Circle, MGM Grounds, Kurupam Circle, and Visakha Museum. The volunteers demonstrated agility throughout the marathon, swiftly mobilizing the crowd and cheering on the runners.

On December 17th, 2023, the Sandhya Marine Vizag Marathon embraced the themes of 'Eco Vizag' and 'Drug-Free Vizag.' The overarching aim was to heighten awareness regarding the crucial significance of environmental protection and the prevention of substance abuse. Beyond being a celebration of running, the event sought to promote good health among the citizens of Vizag. In support of these goals, 200 dedicated Vizag Volunteers, including 20 team leads, actively participated in the marathon. Positioned strategically at key locations such as Park Circle, MGM Grounds, Kurupam Circle, and Visakha Museum, these volunteers were on the field, fulfilling essential roles. Their responsibilities extended to taking care of the runners, ensuring their well-being, and effectively mobilizing the crowd. The presence of these committed volunteers at pivotal points not only contributed to the smooth execution of the marathon but also played a crucial role in conveying the important messages of 'Eco Vizag' and 'Drug-Free Vizag' to the participants and the broader community.


Key Volunteers










Angeline Bhaskar


Srinivas Garu

Prasad sir

Javid Akram


Pawan Klayan


Pranathi (Beach Cleanup)




P. Navya sai


Ram Charan Tej



Likitha K

T.Mohan Sai Charan

R. Aravind

How We Executed

We have a vast number of registered Vizag Volunteers across the city. For this marathon, we carefully selected 200 dedicated volunteers, each supported by efficient team leads. These volunteers were strategically delegated to every aid station to monitor both the runners and the public at all spots throughout the event.



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