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Sri Lakshmi Narasimha swamy Chandanothsavam

  • Date: 3rd may 2022
  • Locations: Simhachalam
  • Participated Volunteer: Krishna, Ruchitha, Satish, Rakesh, Harsha, Shiva, Narsingh, Venkat, Saran
  • Summary:

    On the 3rd of may Vizag celebrated one of its biggest holy events that is the chandanotsavam, where there gather huge crowds of people in belief of the Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy, this holy event takes place once a year that gathers people from all parts of South India. During this event the expected devotees from all places would nearly be 2 lakhs and requires a lot of volunteers to manage such crowds. Vizag Volunteers came forward to volunteer on this auspicious occasion of chandanotsavam. Our volunteers were divided around the temple to mobilise the crowd. We have supported the crowd by giving them water and other refreshments required to keep them focused during the event, not only that but managing the queue was also under the supervision of our volunteers. We were elated to be a part of this devotional event on such an auspicious day 

Vizag volunteers have volunteered for one of the Vizag's biggest devotional event the chandanotsavam, on the day of this event the key volunteers were placed at different places of the Simhachalam temple where our volunteers supported the huge gatherings of the crowd with water , refreshments, queue management and medical support that is taking them to the aid stations for the necessary to be given. It was a full day event and our volunteers worked in a very diligent manner for a smooth flow of the event and without any mishaps in between.


Key Volunteers






Venkat Sai

Saran Reddy



How We Executed

Our volunteers have been placed at different places of the Simhachalam temple of one of the biggest devotional events of Vizag that is the chandanotsavam. We have supported the devotees by giving them water and other necessary refreshments, managing the crowd and managing the queue was one of the most important tasks of them all. Our volunteers were agile and alert at all times, Vizag Volunteers have mobilised the crowds and ensured there are no uncertainties during this huge event.


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