Working with Governments to deliver effective results for the public good


Why Choose Us

Govts can effectively implement welfare schemes when collaborating with NGOs.
There is a guaranteed transparency to the donors and all stakeholders regarding any project.
We excel at Corporate style of execution for all social service projects.

Vizag Volunteers and Governments:

  1. Need for collaboration with Government departments
    • Aiming on development cooperation, government and NGOs accompany one another to retort to deficiencies in capitals, capabilities and experience in voluntary services.
  2. How NGOs help govt achieve their human development targets
    • The role of many NGOs can be to supplement and complement the role of Government in combating discrimination and to help individuals and groups assert their rights.
  3. Execution of govt schemes via NGOs
    • Government Schemes can be executed proficiently when collaborated with NGOs.
  4. We collaborated with the Visakhapatnam Railway Station for Railway volunteering when the Indian Railways started Operations post lockdown, wherein passengers debarking the trains were tested, sorted and guided accordingly.
  5. We Collaborated with the Youth Services Department to create awareness, conduct blood donation camps and in social police volunteering during lockdown.


How can we collaborate with government sectors?

We team up and work with different sectors of the government and help them by providing volunteer services during disaster management and other activities.

What are the areas Vizag Volunteers are working on ?

We are currently working on Food Donation, Beach Clean-up, Blood Donations, Oxygen Bank and Doctor Consultation.

Can Vizag Volunteers accept Government funding?

No, as we are a newly registered non-profit and are trying our best to get 12A certification.


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