Food distribution

Food distribution during lockdown made sure no one slept on an empty stomach in Vizag, but how many meals did we serve? Join us at KATHA 2021 to know about the Heroes and Sheroes of Vizag!

LG Polymers

The deadly gas leak took 12 lives, Vizag Volunteers made sure the gas effect was neutralized with a drink. We called it the Magical Antidote. Do you know what it was?
The Secret reveals at the VUDA children's arena on 10th April.

Migrant Crisis

With no Food & Money the migrants started their journey towards their Villages. How many steps were those and what was that "KATHA"?
The story Reveals on 10th April at KATHA 2021.

Railway Volunteering Service

With Mask, gloves and Face shields as their primary shields, the Vizag Volunteers at the Vizag Railway Station screened the deboarding passengers for Covid19. The story of trains during covid19 unveils at "Katha 2021".


Masks, Face shields, gloves and sanitisers were important to protect you from covid19 Infection but so was ones own immunity. Drinking Immunity tea was one of those. Vizag Volunteers distributed the tea in Visakhapatnam across multiple locations, but what was the number?
The story unveils at "KATHA" 2021.


When lockdown was removed Vizagites started flocking the beaches on a regular basis during the peak of Covid19. Vizag Volunteers were really worries about the doctors working Day and Night and did something to create awareness, but what was it?
The story unveils at "KATHA" 2021.

Story of Aruku

During the covid19 pandemic, the people in the city faced many issues in getting food, the tribals faced it more than the people in the city. Understanding this Vizag Volunteers reached the tribal villages, but how many?
The story of Aruku unveils at Katha!

Covid19 Testing

During the peak of covid19, testing was very rare and a costly exercise to do. Vizag Volunteers created awareness and provided guidance to people via free testing, the number is revealed at KATHA!
Join us starting from 5:15 PM on 10th April 2021 at VMRDA Children's arena. We will be waiting for you!


Technology is something which helped us deliver good service effectively, one of the main reasons why our campaigns were successful is the helpline. It was the reason why we were able to help everyone calling for doctor consultation, the number of consultations are yet to be known.
The story of home quarantine and consultation reveals at KATHA!

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