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Real Needy Visit - 3

  • Date: 26th August ,2023
  • Locations: KGBV School, Anadapuram, Visakhapatnam
  • Donors: Smt B.Naga Padmini, Sri N.Sudhakara Reddy, Smt D.Praveena, Smt V.Sride
  • Participated Volunteer: Santosh Kumar Garu, Lakshman Sastry Gar, V.Venkata Ramana Garu,Dushyanth, Akash, Kavya, Harsha Valluri, Pawan Kalyan, Nani, Upendra, Pujitha, Kedarnath, Manohar, Dinesh
  • Summary:

    Vizag Volunteers has started a project called Real Needy, where Vizag Volunteers come together to help the girl students in all KGBV schools. As a part of this project, we have done a survey at the KGBV school in Anandapuram. During this survey, it was understood that the school was in need of many items. Smt. B. Naga Padmini Garu,Sri N. Sudhakar Reddy, Smt. D. Praveena Garu, and Smt. V. Sridevi Garu, who initially helped Vizag Volunteers to conduct the shoes distribution drive, donated 20 pairs of shoes with socks and also conducted a wonderful craft event. Mr. Valluri Venkata Ramana Garu gave his valuable time and taught two craft activities to the children. We are really thankful to those who contributed a lot to this project. The items donated so selflessly by them are the most needed items for the KGBV school students, and we are delighted to have their contribution to this project that would help the girl children of KGBV schools who are in need. Also, we heartily thank all the dedicated volunteers who are taking part in this activity.


Vizag volunteers are really appreciated for their kind generosity and selfless service. A project called Real Needy was started by Vizag Volunteers with the goal of assisting the girl students attending KGBV schools. As a team, we monitor various public schools and assist girls everywhere as part of our programme. The KGBV school in Anandapuram has a lot of requirements, as we discovered on this third visit. This time, the individuals connected with the Vizag Volunteers with the shoe distribution campaign provided 20 pairs of shoes with socks and also organised a great craft event. They are Smt. B. Naga Padmini Garu, Sri N. Sudhakara Reddy, Smt. D. Praveena Garu, and Smt. V. Sridevi Garu. Valluri Venkata Ramana Garu shared his valuable time and taught the kids with two craft projects. Students showed interest in this event and enjoyed learning how to make craft work. Our volunteers connected with the girl children and discussed their successful stories and experiences which inspired and motivated the kids to speak up. For the past situation, our team previously discovered their consequences throughout the marathon, therefore this time we gave the girl children shoes to help them overcome their difficulties. We hope that our assistance will always be available to students who are in need. Our intention is to make an impact in our society towards girl children activities.


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How We Executed

Vizag volunteers are always a step forward when it comes to helping others and assisting those who are in genuine need. Real Needy is a project that we are very pleased to have begun. We at Vizag Volunteers satisfy the requirements of the female children under this project in accordance with their requests. I therefore certify that this event was successful thanks to the assistance of all the members and volunteers. “Project KGBV Anandapuram: Genuine Needy”.


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