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Safety Kits For Volunteers

  • Date: 23 June 2020
  • Locations: For safety of volunteers working on ground
  • Donors: P Venkatesh Suresh Babu
  • Participated Volunteer: Satish,Vivek,Praveen,G. Vara Prasad and B.Narsimhulu
  • Summary:

    Safety plays an essential and significant role in the safeguarding of people during this pandemic. The government has issued strict guidelines that have to be followed while moving around in public areas. And every volunteer working for the betterment of society needs to take care of themselves first before reaching out to the needy. Taking that responsibility, we Vizag volunteers association have provided every volunteer working on the ground with a covid safety kit that will protect them and their family members from the virus.

Our volunteers were working on the ground and serving the needy during the pandemic. In addition, we were volunteering at the railway station, the Migrant workers' crisis, and food distribution at different places in Vizag. Since Volunteers are the backbone of every organization, we distributed special safety kits for every volunteer to keep our volunteers safe and agile. We didn't want our volunteers and family members to get infected by the coronavirus.

A total of 40 kits were distributed. Each kit consisted of Chyawanprash, Sanitizer, Hand gloves, Masks, Pocket sanitiser dispenser, Face shields, and Sphatika. In addition, every kit also had ayurvedic immunity booster medicines to boost the immunity of volunteers. We ensured that every volunteer used all items available in the kit while contributing their services for any activity.


Key Volunteers


How We Executed

We have purchased the items in the kit after extensive research based on thier uses and advantages. We listed all those items in the kit and then distributed them to every volunteer. Each kit had ayurvedic as well as allopathic medicines to increase immunity in our volunteers.

All volunteers who were working on the ground were called to our office. Maintaining safe distance and following covid guidelines, we provided kits to every volunteer. Our volunteers were quite delighted about the kits as they offered protection to them and their family members.


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