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Migrant Workers Service Sheela Nagar

  • Date: 14th May 2020 - 3rd June 2020
  • Locations: Sheela Nagar
  • Participated Volunteer: Sashank, Shravan, Abhishek, Santosh, Sai, Lucky
  • Summary:

    Sheela Nagar food point acted as a second stop for migrants who came via Gajuwaka. This food point provided all the necessary care and as well as shelter. An under-construction building nearby was used to provide shelter to the tired migrants, and transportation was arranged for them from this food point via Auto or Truck.

Sheela Nagar food point was located near the entry point of the central city of Visakhapatnam, very close to the NAD junction; it provided food, water, rehydration fluids and shelter to the migrants. A nearby under-construction building was identified and used to give shelter to the migrants. We provided transportation of the migrants to their hometown with the help of the Andhra Pradesh Traffic Police. Trucks and buses which used to head towards cities of Odisha, West Bengal and other northern states of India were halted and asked to carry the migrants as passengers. Some truck drivers did it out of goodwill, and Vizag Volunteers paid some.

The food point provided food, water, shelter and transport to the migrants. On average, 700-1000 food packets were distributed daily.


Key Volunteers




How We Executed

Sheela Nagar food point was one of the first food points to be set up to help the migrants with food and water, every day; we saw a necessity of 15-20 bags of water packets, and that made us think about the need for an organized food point with all the essentials. After a day of planning and survey of the area, we identified a location beside the national highway. It also had an under-construction building nearby which was used as a shelter for migrants in the heat. We provided food, medicines, fluids & shelter to the migrants. With the help of Andhra Pradesh Traffic Police officers, we provided transportation to the migrants in the evening hours.


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