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Giripradakshana 2023

  • Date: 02,03 rd July 2023
  • Locations: Simhachalam, Visakhapatnam
  • Donors: "KVT Ramesh Gar (25,000Rs) Baggam Srinivas Garu (Ointments) Sridhar Garu (20,000Rs for Sprays ) Swaroop Garu (10,000Rs)
  • Participated Volunteer: Angeline, Kavya, Geetha, Laya, Sravani, Yasaswi,Ishaq, Javid,Pooja, Varsha,Santosh, Aravind, Rakesh, Ramesh, Eshwar Krishna, Pawan Kalyna, Varun,Lakshman, Praveen, Prem Kumar,Preethi, Himani, Deepthika,Srinivas (Co Lead) Zone Lead's - Rakesh, Chandan, Pushpith, Prasad sir"
  • Summary:

    With the collaboration of GVMC (Government Visakha Municipal Corporation) and Simhachalam Devasthanam, the volunteering for Giripradakshana was taken by Vizag Volunteers. It was a great deal to manage such crowds, but still, our volunteers did not lose enthusiasm. The Giripradakshana is a holy event that takes place in the city of Vizag for two days. It starts in the morning of the day before and ends until the devotees finish walking around the holy hills and climb on top of the Simhachalam hill. There is a lot of crowd management during the holy event of Giripradakshana, as the devotees involve themselves with the lord Lakshmi Narshima Swamy. This holy event allows the devotees to walk around the Hill for about 32 km and has an estimated crowd of 3.5 lakhs. Vizag Volunteers had volunteered for the whole event, from managing crowds to managing queues and managing the crowd near the offering of coconuts to the lord near the coconut breaking point to giving water to the devotees near the steps and providing them basic first aid near the steps and hilltop. Not only that, but after the 32-kilometre devotional walk, the devotees also climbed the Simhacalam hill barefoot. During this time, our volunteers came hand in hand to support the devotees by giving them water, taking them to aid stations if necessary, and giving them proper treatment. Not only this, but Vizag Volunteers have managed the crowd on top of the Simhachalam temple as well. Vizag Volunteers is elated to be volunteering for such a devotional event as Giripradakshina. The humility felt by the volunteers after witnessing devotion among the millions gathered there

One of the biggest holy events of Vizag is the Giripradakshana, which is done in the belief of Lord Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy and involves walking around 32 km and climbing the Simhachalam temple barefoot. Vizag volunteers came forward to volunteer tonnes of crowd during this devotional event by ensuring that the crowd is safe and secure by volunteering near the Coconut breaking point at two points at Thollipavancha and at Adivivaram and supplied lemon and glucose water and Volunteers were engaged in volunteering at every 200 steps, and at every point, there were 20 volunteers serving the devotees with basic first aid, like applying ointments and sprays and giving them lemons, and to empower the devotees to move forward. There was a big challenge during the volunteering; there was heavy rainfall, but the volunteers empowered themselves and did the volunteering both days without any breaks. Many volunteers had lifted the devotees and took them with their hands to provide for their medical needs. Volunteers enthusiastically served all the devotees for 2 days. The crowd has started to increase since the first day. The volunteers had a huge task to clear up the crowd near the coconut breaking point, but there were also around 150 volunteers near the point who managed the crowd. There were a total of 350+ volunteers for this event to serve the devotees.



Key Volunteers







Pola Rakesh







kavya s

Angeline Bhaskar

Janaki Ram

Lakshmana sastry


Sri Laya


Ramesh (Act)


Preem Kumar


Srinivas Garu

Prasad sir

Javid Akram






Pawan Klayan

Bollapragada Sri Teja

P Geetha




How We Executed

This was one of the most challenging volunteering activities for Vizag volunteers. Most of our key volunteers were placed at coconut breaking points,steps,and at the hilltop of the temple. Under these key volunteers, many volunteers worked tirelessly throughout the two-day event, providing water, refreshments, and basic first aid like ointments and sprays,  taking the people for the necessary treatments, and mobilising the crowd.


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