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  • Date: Awarness drive - 17th to 31st July 2020, Bike Rally - July 19th & July 26th 2020
  • Locations: Central Park, Allipuram, Dabagardens, Jagadamba Junction, Ramanagar, Siripuram, Pedda Waltair, Beach Road, Kailasha Giri, MVP Colony - Sector - 2,3,5 & 6, Maddilapalem, H.B.Colony, Seethammadhara and RTC Complex.
  • Donors: Vizag Volunteers
  • Participated Volunteer: Satish, Srinivas Rao, Praveen, Animish, Sudhardhan, Vivek, Raju, Narsingh, Prasad, Gnaneswari, and Loknath.
  • Summary:

    During the initial days of covid-19, it was crucial to creating awareness among the general public about the covid-19 pandemic, how the coronavirus spreads and what precautions are needed to be taken. Therefore, we conducted multiple drives in Vizag to create awareness among the public.

During the initial days of covid-19 in India, awareness about covid appropriate behaviour was low, increasing the number of infections.
The main motto of this project was to create awareness among the street vendors about the use of masks and face shields. Many of them didn't understand the importance of a face mask. When the street vendors speak with their customers, tiny aerosols from their mouths can be a significant reason for the spread of the disease. Also, while accepting currency notes, one can be infected.

Vizag Volunteers took on the initiative to educate and create awareness among the street vendors. Our volunteers visited multiple vending stalls in the city and provided them with masks and face shields; and we also explained to them how covid-19 spreads and what precautions they need to take to reduce the risk of infection. Unfortunately, some vendors didn't pay heed to our advice and got infected. This resulted in the closure and loss of business for 24 shops from Oxygen towers to Eenadu junction.

The digital team created posters, banners and multiple campaigns to create awareness about the covid-19 disease and what needs to be done to reduce its spread.


Key Volunteers

Praveen Kumar


Anmish Varma

How We Executed

During the first two unlock phases, the Government primary focus was on Trace-Test-Treat. Still, in this process, we noticed a sudden spike in cases due to community spread and mass gatherings, so we started unique awareness campaigns like bike rallies and walk on the beach road in PPE kits.

In unlock-1.0, passengers started coming from different states, so they will use public transport like Auto's, local buses and cabs to reach their destinations in the city. So to stop the community spread, we distributed Masks, Face shields, Sanitizers to Auto, Cab, RTC bus drivers & conductors.

In unlock 2.0, we started awareness on mass gatherings, and we came with a unique idea of wearing PPE kits on the beach road, Visakhapatnam on the weekend. We did the campaign to create awareness on how the doctors continue to face problems while treating covid patients working long hours in PPE kits.

In addition, we conducted bike rallies through Visakhapatnam city's main junctions, Rythu Bazaars, and public places, creating awareness on the importance of wearing masks and distributed masks for the public.


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