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Plasma Donation Wave 2

  • Date: March 2021 to June 2021
  • Locations: AS Raja Blood Bank
  • Donors: Vizag Volunteers
  • Participated Volunteer: Jagadish, Sudharshan, Vivek, Karthika, Ruchita, Sandhya, Swathi, Mehreen, Fathima
  • Summary:

    Our country has met with the second wave of catastrophe no one has imagined, and Vizag has also faced this COVID wave. Many people got affected and started admitting to hospitals. People began requesting plasma as they were in the first wave, and as we have our process planned, we initiated our actions.

    We received 800+ requests, 100+ requests fulfilled, and more than 50+ lives saved.

COVID cases started rising in the Vizag, and there was a sudden spike in the covid cases. The people started calling on our helpline requesting plasma and have provided plasma units as many as we can from our plasma bank.
We approached District medical health officials (DMHO) for covid positive people data that we call them and motivate, create awareness, and encourage them to be volunteer plasma donors. DMHO officials shared the COVID data, and we have encouraged many people to become plasma donors.
We focused on providing plasma to the patient who is in the initial stages of COVID treatment. With structured planning and processes, we provided plasma to patients and achieved a high rate of recovery compared to any other organization. Once ICMR has advised stopping plasma therapy, we stopped our operations in this aspect.


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How We Executed

We associated with District Medical and Health Officials (DMHO) Vizag and got the list of positive patients affected by COVID and recovered.
We have set up a team who used to call those people, motivate them to be volunteer donors. We had sessions with our team educating about the subject and they used to call after they were confident about the subject. Approximately our team had made 200 + calls a day and motivating at least 25+ donors. Volunteers from SCSC had also played a major role in motivating plasma donors.

Our website, Whatsapp, and also helpline were active to collect requests regarding plasma. We have also maintained our database of all requests received.
We also motivated other blood banks in the city to become plasma banks.


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