Key ContributorMR. SRINIVAS BABU - 40000



  • Date: 29th Jul 2020 to Till Date
  • Locations: Virtual
  • Donors: Vizag Volunteers and Mr. Srinivas Babu
  • Participated Volunteer: Bhargav, Indu srujana, Anjum
  • Summary:

    Vizag Volunteers helpline has been one of the primary game changers in the way social service is done in Visakhapatnam. The 7337335557 number has helped many people in saving the lives of their dear and near ones.

"Helplines act as lifelines." In the last one year of use, the Vizag Volunteers helpline has provided support & help, saving many lives in Vizag. The need for a helpline rose during the LG Polymers gas leak when we had to share the personal numbers of our volunteers, and during that time, we missed many calls due to a high number of calls on those numbers. During the migrant workers' crisis, Vizag Volunteers did one of the most significant projects to help the migrants heading back home. There wasn't a single point of contact for the people to report sightings of migrants at multiple locations in the city.

We purchased the calling helpline services from a vendor on the 1st of August 2020. Our team completed the setup on the 7th of August, and the helpline was launched. We purchased the whatsapp helpline on the 30th of October 2020, and our team completed the setup on the 7th of November 2020. The whatsapp helpline, after multiple rounds of testing, was launched on the 26th of January 2021.

We used the 7337335557 helplines to provide services like plasma, doctor consultation, blood, oxygen, motivation, and many more. 25 Vizag Volunteers worked to ensure that the project was a success and provided help to the people.


Key Volunteers



Pushpa Latha

How We Executed

When LG Polymers gas leak happened in Vizag, due to the non-availability of a centralized helpline number for our organization, we had to publish the personal numbers of our volunteers for people to contact and ask for help. This lead to much miscommunication in the team as there was no clarity on what message was shared by the caller to the volunteer. We came up with an idea to implement a helpline for Vizag Volunteers; we researched and finalized an operator for the helpline and coordinated with them to set up the helpline for our number. We later on went on to set up the whatsapp helpline for the same number.


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