• Making sure the beaches are safe for everyone to come and enjoy.

  • Removing dead animals near the shores.

  • During beach clean-ups, we provide volunteers with protective gloves.

  • Picking up non-decomposable glass and plastic bottles that might hurt others.

  • Increasing the number of tourism attractions for people to visit and enjoy.

  • Increasing the popularity of the beaches by encouraging local food stalls.

  • Cleaning and beautifying beaches

  • Cleaning the 32 km coastal stretch of Visakhapatnam.

  • Creating teams and promoting beach clean-ups.

  • Cleaning the waste around the coastal line to sustain the aquatic ecosystem.

  • Increasing public awareness of the coastal ecosystem.

  • Explaining beach etiquette and its importance.

  • Educating the younger generation on the need for environmental preservation.

  • Encouraging citizens to participate in beach cleanup activities.

  • Encouraging the vendors to maintain hygienic products.

  • Promoting the upkeep of hygienic surroundings among food stall owners.

  • Creating a hygienic coastal ecosystem.

  • Bring innovative ideas and strategies to beach clean-ups.

  • Understanding the root problems and finding solutions to them.

  • Using technology and new techniques to create a greater impact.

  • Providing a more enjoyable beach experience.

  • Developing new places with essentials for tourists to visit and enjoy the beach.

  • Improving existing tourist attractions by adding amenities to make visitors more comfortable.

Recent Clean Ups

Latest Event

I love Vizag Beach 401st Event

September 29, 2021

The beach is near Jodugullapalem and provides an exquisite view of the Vizag seashore. Kalam View Point, also called Top of Vizag, is one of the most beautiful viewpoint in Vizag. A coastal sprawl at a distance of 10 KM from Visakhapatnam city, which is full..

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Our Mission

Holding the solution to avoid beach pollution, our mission is to clean the 32 KM stretch of Vizag coastline with the collective efforts of all Vizagites!

Our Goals

To ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem by developing a community where people take up responsibility for maintaining their beaches.

Our Action

In the last two years, we have been cleaning the beach at Kalam View Point. We have completed 400 cleanups and have changed the place to a tourist hotspot.

Team Leads




Results As of August 28th 2021


8 Tonnes

Glass Bottles

15 Tonnes


12 Tonnes


10 Tonnes

Wire and Ropes

2 Tonnes

Hard Plastic


Plastic Covers

4 Tonnes

Dead Fish

100 Tonnes


Timeline Achivements

  1. The beginning of Beach cleaning Journey

    Beach cleaning activity was first started in April of 2019 and has been continued since then

  2. Setting a Sidewalk at Kalam Viewpoint

    We used the blocks which were lying at the roadside and constructed a sidewalk.

  3. Setting up floor at Kalam Viewpoint

    Using the existing waste blocks near the area we constructed a floor for a better experience.

  4. Beach cleanup with school students

    We organised a beach cleanup to create awareness in school children on beach cleanups

  5. Building wooden benches

    With all the wood we collected during beach clean ups we constructed a few wooden benches.

  6. Event with BZSM college students!

    A beach clean up activity attended by the students of BZSM college Kolkata. 

  7. Cleaning all the Glass with Charan's team

    We cleaned up the area and removed 300 bags of glass pieces and placed them in a small bottle shaped structure.

  8. Recognition from Gandhi Center Visakhapatnam

    Shri. K.S. Sastry Young Social Worker Award was presented to Satish garu for the beach clean up activity.

  9. Cleanup activity with F9 Tech and locals

    Few locals alongside F9 Tech members attended for beach cleaning.

  10. Recycling the cleaned up waste

    We separated the recyclable waste from the beach clean ups and sent it to the recycling plants.

  11. Event with JCI Vizag Port Amigos

    Members of JCI Vizag Port Amigos Collaborated with us in the beach cleaning activity. 

  12. Event with One Shipping company

    A beach clean up activity was attended by employees of One shipping Visakhapatnam.


    Vizag volunteers successfully completed 400 beach cleanups on Aug 29th 2021.

  14. Thank You


What is I ❤️ Vizag Beach?

I ❤️ Vizag Beach is a project initiated under Kalam Dream Labs, it aims to clean the 32 KM coastal stretch of Visakhapatnam city.

Where does the beach cleanup activity happen?

The team is currently working at Kalam View Point near Jodugullapalem.
You can check the location here :

How can I join beach cleanup?

You can contact us at (telto: 733 733 5556) and join the beach cleanup initiative. You can also join us at Kalam View Point, every Sunday from 6 AM to 9 AM

What items are collected in the cleanup activity?

We collect all the waste available on the beach. The types are Footwear, hard plastic, Glass, Cloth, Wood, wires & ropes, plastic covers and dead fishes.

How long has this beach cleanup going on?

Our beach cleanup initiative started in the month of April 2019 and we have completed more than 400 beach cleanup till date.

What people say about us

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Vizag has many of the most beautiful beaches in India, with one of the largest coastlines. Annually about 10 lakh tourists visit Vizag and enjoy the beautiful beach as it’s one of the city's main attractions.


Do - Bring Snacks and drinks with Disposable utensils.

Do - Go swimming only in allowed areas under life guards.

Do - Be attentive of the items you carry while entering into the beach.

Do - Give privacy to others who also enjoy visiting beach.



Don't leave or throw any trash in open.

Don't bother the aquatic life by dumping waste in seas.

Don't pick any fishes or coral reefs from water.

Don't play any drowning games or go deep into the water.

Don't spit or pee in the water.

Don't smoke or have alcohol near the beaches.

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